Case #0519

Illegal Dumping: Talking Trash

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The Grand Jury found …Responsible citizens use trash cans for their daily trash and take larger items to recycle facilities or landfills. However, there are a large number of people in society who do not do the responsible thing. Unsightly trash on roadways, waterways, alleys, vacant lots, rural lands, and unincorporated areas results in decreased property values and can be harmful to the environment. After receiving complaints about illegal dumping throughout the county, the 2019-2020 San Joaquin County Grand Jury opened an investigation to gain insight into why this problem is so rampant. In the course of the investigation, various personnel from many different departmental offices throughout the county were interviewed. Each person interviewed acknowledged the illegal dumping problem is becoming progressively worse. Each department has specific guidelines and restrictions on where and what they are allowed to do regarding illegal trash removal. Unfortunately, departmental regulations inhibit interdepartmental coordination as evidenced by employees ignoring trash rather than picking it up while on another assignment. Collaboration and coordination amongst the departments leads to a cleaner environment. Conversely, San Joaquin County is lacking an interdepartmental approach.


SJ County Supervisors toughen penalties for illegal dumping

The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors last week unanimously approved an amended ordinance that toughens the consequences for illegal dumping. September 20, 2022 [Note: this was Recommendation #1 in the 0519 report.]

'It's Irresponsible': Harsher Punishments For Illegal Dumping In San Joaquin County

Jail time for illegal trash dumping in San Joaquin County could be on the horizon for drivers. Oct 29, 2022