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COVID 0120 V2

A Fragmented COVID-19 Response

San Joaquin County
Case: 0120

A City Government in Turmoil

City of Manteca
Case: 0320

Transparency "Not Found"

Independent Special Districts
Case: 0220

Dissension, Dismay, and Disarray

Stockton Unified School District
Case: 0620

I learned so much about San Joaquin County. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve with an intelligent, professional, and committed group of people. I have made friends, and I have learned SO MUCH!

From the “Reflections” section of the San Joaquin County Grand Jury Final Report 2020-2021.

To be selected as part of the San Joaquin County Grand Jury was both a surprise and an honor. I was blessed to serve with some of the smartest and intelligent people that I have known. This association became not only a working relationship but also a family-type group.

It has been a year of adventure — learning new things, visiting new places, getting to know new people. There should be a college credit in civics for what we have learned about government.

From the “Reflections” section of the San Joaquin County Grand Jury Final Report 2019-2020.

I have really enjoyed my Grand Jury experience. The camaraderie and collaboration with intelligent adults from different careers have been one of the highlights. Robust discussions often occurred leading to an eventual consensus. The knowledge I gained throughout the investigations has led to an increased awareness and understanding about human nature, business, and local politics.

The Civil Grand Jury is comprised of 19 citizens who are impaneled annually for a one-year term.  The Grand Jury has a separate and different function than that of a trial jury and does not hear cases in a courtroom.  Instead, Grand Jurors examine and investigate local governmental activities within San Joaquin County.


The current practice in San Joaquin County is that jurors are chosen by lottery from a pool of qualified volunteers. Volunteer now!

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