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San Joaquin County Custodial Facilities: Failing to Comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (Case# 0222)

The focus of the investigation was to assess the County custodial facilities’ compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (28 CFR Part 115) under the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA)... The Grand Jury found that the custodial facilities in the County did not have comprehensive knowledge of all PREA provisions and were not in compliance.

Stockton Unified School District: A Failing Grade in Public Trust (Case #0121)

"If the results of the Extraordinary Audit indicate financial mismanagement, misuse of funds or insolvency, the result could place SUSD in State receivership "

Cybersecurity: Local Defense Against a Global Threat (Case #0321)

"San Joaquin County is well protected regarding cybersecurity. The seven cities in the county vary with respect to Grand Jury expectations, most being well secured but lacking defined plans for Business Continuity and IT Disaster Preparedness. Cybersecurity is an evolving concern and requires ongoing efforts by government entities to remain current and vigilant against risks to their Information Systems."

Lathrop-Manteca Fire District: A Work in Progress: From Turmoil to Healing (Case #0721)

"The Lathrop-Manteca Fire District Board of Directors is taking steps toward creating an improved culture by updating policies and by defining LMFD’s mission, vision and values. The District improvement process is a work in progress. The Board acknowledges that the District will need more time to heal and restore trust following the turmoil and upheaval created under previous management. The Board employed a third party to conduct the search and screening process for hiring the permanent Fire Chief. The Board believes that the selection of a new Chief is a critical decision that must be done correctly if the Lathrop-Manteca Fire District is to move in a positive and effective direction. "

I learned so much about San Joaquin County. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve with an intelligent, professional, and committed group of people. I have made friends, and I have learned SO MUCH!

From the “Reflections” section of the San Joaquin County Grand Jury Final Report 2020-2021.

To be selected as part of the San Joaquin County Grand Jury was both a surprise and an honor. I was blessed to serve with some of the smartest and intelligent people that I have known. This association became not only a working relationship but also a family-type group.

It has been a year of adventure — learning new things, visiting new places, getting to know new people. There should be a college credit in civics for what we have learned about government.

From the “Reflections” section of the San Joaquin County Grand Jury Final Report 2019-2020.

I have really enjoyed my Grand Jury experience. The camaraderie and collaboration with intelligent adults from different careers have been one of the highlights. Robust discussions often occurred leading to an eventual consensus. The knowledge I gained throughout the investigations has led to an increased awareness and understanding about human nature, business, and local politics.

The Civil Grand Jury is comprised of 19 citizens who are impaneled annually for a one-year term.  The Grand Jury has a separate and different function than that of a trial jury and does not hear cases in a courtroom.  Instead, Grand Jurors examine and investigate local governmental activities within San Joaquin County.


The current practice in San Joaquin County is that jurors are chosen by lottery from a pool of qualified volunteers. Volunteer now!

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