Welcome to the San Joaquin County Chapter of the California Grand Jurors’ Association

The California Grand Jury Association (CGJA) is a statewide organization whose purpose is to support the California grand jury system and the valuable role civil grand juries play in our democratic system of government. In 2013, San Joaquin County joined 27 other counties in the state that have Chapters of the California Grand Jurors’ Association.  The San Joaquin County Chapter will extend the state organization’s role for the benefit of county citizens through increased oversight regarding accountability and effectiveness of public entities including cities and special districts.

The purpose of the San Joaquin County Chapter of the California Grand Jurors’ Association is to tell the story of the Civil Grand Jury and to support the efforts of each year’s Civil Grand Jury.

To accomplish this purpose, our Chapter will endeavor to:

  • Provide citizens of San Joaquin County with information on the grand jury system and its importance and benefit to the well-being of the community,
  • Assist in recruiting qualified candidates who are representative of the community for membership on the Grand Jury,
  • Work with the Court to provide support and training to each current Grand Jury, sharing our experiences and lessons we have learned, and
  • Promote greater awareness of grand jury reports, including meaningful responses by local government agencies.

l-r: CGJA San Joaquin County  Past President Gary Spaugh with November guest speaker Stockton Record reporter Alex Breitler at our monthly CGJA Stockton Chapter meeting. Summary of Mr. Breitler’s comments are here.